WordPress Backup Script

I made a simple script to backup my word press every day at 12:30, if you want to make it by hand look at Backup WordPress.




save this script at your server, I choose “/root”, then run this:

now we add this to the cronjob:

and add this line:

then wait and test if your server shows the backup files.

install ownCloud on a NAS

I want to install ownCloud on my NAS Server Synology ds415+ to share files, at first we download the install files from here.Then upload this file to your NAS and open it in the Browser if you got an permission error look at disk station manager synology – change web rights.Then follow the instructions and if you only have to run this service on your server you cloud install it in the current folder with a dot.And I prefer to use as database mariaDB over liteSQL.

And now we are done:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-03-29 17:25:42

Thin client as web server

I bought a Fujitsu FUTRO S550-2, it cost about 160€(used with upgrades) I graded the ram from 512 to 2GB and the HDD from 1GB to 32GB.Its completely passive cooled and needs less space.


CPU AMD Sempron 200U 1 GHz


Overview:2015-03-27 13.47.16Back:

2015-03-27 13.46.51Inside:

2015-03-27 13.45.07Upgrade:

2015-03-27 13.41.42

RAM: Samsung M470T5663QZ3-CF7 – 2 GB – DDR2 (30€)

HDD: Kingston CF/32GB-U3 CompactFlash-Card Ultimate 600x – 32 GB (55€)



The Power usage is 15-18W, that’s sounds less but newer hardware needs the same for much more power.



All together its a nice PC for projects or web space, but if you need a little bite more power look at Silent PC for 260€ its a bite more expensive end needs more space but it have more power at the same power usage.If you just need webspace and a backup solution just take a look at  NAS Server Synology ds415+.

wordpress backup problems with rewrite

I set up my new word press to my new Silent Server, after I moved the database and the ftp folder I had some troubles with the permalinks, this shows how to solve them.

Set Rights

navigate to your www folder, my one is at “/var/www”, then set the rigthts, user and the group:

Set rewrite

now I check if rewrite is enabled:

now open apache2.conf with:

and add this line:

now open sites-available/default with:

and change this:

to this:


After you made your changes restart your web server:

php redirect to www

This shows how to make a php redirect from “url.com” to “www.url.com”.

Perl resize all images

This Perl-Script resize all images to the size 166×125, I used to speed up my homepage: