Perl FTP

If you want to Upload files via Perl and FTP. you could use this script:

the main script gets triggered from the script and is able to use the keywords on the page.

Line 6 start the phantom js

Line 11 Keywords

Line 15 Main Page crawl

Line 22 Keyword crawl



This is my Watchdog script to regulate the crawling scripts …..

Line 5-6 is to reset the scripts

Line 8 is to start the selenium server

Line 11 is my proxy port pointer … i user several ports ant to set the port I let the pointer iterate ….

Line 13-12 i count the phantomjs and

Line 15-16 is to remove the line break ….

Line 18-21 check the maximum values the start the script and let the pointer iterate ….

then sleep and redo the work ….



P-Project is a Porn Video Crawl Engine IN PHP AND PERL. Watch here new collected videos from different sites. You can register to our site to like and dislike videos and use the playlist feature.
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